Auctioned To The Lumberjack


I’m tired of living alone.
Tired of nothing but the trees keeping me company.
There are reasons I live the way I do.
Reasons that I broke up with my fiancé – the love of my life – and that I stay on this mountain away from everyone and everything.

But one email is about to change it all.

I’ve been invited to a secret auction where I can bid on a virgin wife.
I have no interest in accepting the invitation until I find out my ex fiancé is one of the women.

Can I stand by why other men bid on her?

No way.

But the fact remains, I’m not the same man I was before the accident.

I have to save her… but then I’ll let her go.
Until I see her lit up on stage and everything changes.
I won’t be letting her go… I’ll do whatever to make her want to stay.