Tempting the Hitman Bonus Epilogue

Evan and Sierra from Whiskey Run #3


“Your friend is getting soft,” Kinsley says as she points to the big stuffed animal in the corner.

I look at the four-foot stuffed bear and my daughter standing next to it. “He didn’t.”

“It’s her second birthday, did you think he wouldn’t? He’s sent her a bear on the day she was born and her first birthday.”

I cross my arms over my chest. “I don’t like it.”

Kinsley smiles at me with understanding. “He’s apologized over and over. He would never hurt her.”

“He tried to have you killed,” I exclaim just as our daughter runs up to me.

“What’s killt?” I lift her up in my arms, and she puts her pudgy hands to my cheeks. “And don’t tell me I’ll know when I’m older. I want to know now.”

“It’s a bad word. Don’t say it.”

 She gasps and covers her mouth just as Kinsley shakes her head. She thinks I’m being ridiculous, but I still can’t forgive Rogue for setting Kinsley up the way he did.  As if reading my mind, my wife puts her arm around my shoulder. “He did bring us back together.”

I snort. “Yeah, if you call –”  

I start to replay the events of Kinsley being hunted by hitmen when she interrupts me. “Not now.” She tweaks our daughter’s nose. “Why don’t you go out to the kitchen with May so I can talk to Daddy? I think she’s icing your cake and trying to stop Jax from eating it.”

She perks up at that. “Are you going to talk about my present?”

Kinsley and I both laugh, and I set her down on the floor as she runs from the room. My wife looks at me and frowns. “What’s wrong?”

I shrug. “Well, let’s see, Jax is in there with my sister, and I’m pretty sure there’s something going on there that no one’s telling me about.”

Kinsley blushes, and it’s a tell-tale sign that she’s keeping something from me. “What else?”         

“Uh, my daughter receives birthday presents from the number one hitman on the West Coast.”

She snorts. “He would disagree with you. I’m pretty sure he would say he’s number one in the US, period.”

I shrug, not wanting to discuss semantics of the hitman that is a pain in my ass. “And, well, I’m pretty sure we’re about to be at a party with a bunch of little kids, all the guys are coming, and all I want to do is go to the bedroom with my wife. I missed you.”

I’d been gone on a mission for over two weeks. I haven’t told Kinsley anything about it because mostly we have to keep things with Ghost private, but I at least made it back in time for Kerrie’s birthday party. Like I promised I would.

She presses her cheek to my chest. “I missed you too.” It’s been three years since I got my shit together. Once I was in with Kinsley, I was all in. We married shortly after she moved to Knoxville. She started teaching photography courses online. She still gets to take her students to the park and work one on one with them, but I always have someone with her. We’ve butted heads about it a few times, but her safety is not up for debate. I’ll do whatever I have to to protect what’s mine.  I’m still with Ghost. I had considered for just a minute that I should find a different job – a safer one – but when I talked to Kinsley about it, she convinced me that I would regret it. And she’s right. We do a lot of good in the world. And helping people is what I’m good at. Plus I have the added security of my friends – the men I work with. They wouldn’t let anything happen to my family.

We stand there in my daughter’s bedroom for I don’t know how long, but I know it’s not going to last. I can hear things winding up out in the other room, and I expect Kerrie to holler for us at any minute.  Kinsley lifts her head and rests her chin on my chest. She’s staring at me, and I know that look. She’s got something to tell me.

“What is it?”

“I know something that might cheer you up.”

“Unless you tell me we can sneak off for a quickie, then I doubt it.” I know I’m being grumpy, but I missed my wife.

She pulls me down and kisses my lips. I try to deepen it, but she laughs and presses her hand against my chest, pushing me away. “We’re pregnant,” she says quickly.

She’s happy. It’s shining in her face, and my heart starts to thunder in my chest. I try to calm myself. When Kinsley was pregnant with Kerrie I was a mess, never letting her do anything. I completely smothered her, and she wasn’t happy with me for it.

“I’m going to do better this time around,” I promise her.

She goes to her tiptoes and wraps her arms around my neck. Her body is pressed against mine, and my already hard cock presses against her. She wiggles against me, knowing exactly what she’s doing to me, but she looks at me innocently. “No you’re not.  It’s not in you to be laid back and not worry. I know you, Colt Stone, and you are an alpha. You will protect me, care for me, and love me because you don’t know any other way. I don’t want you to change.”

I pull her tighter against me. “I’m going to remind you of that when you’re eight months pregnant and I don’t want you overexerting yourself.”

She rubs her hands up and down my chest. “Overexerting myself? I’m sure there’s a few things you’ll be okay with me doing. Right?”

I groan and let my forehead touch hers. “Fuck, baby, you’re killing me here. I need you so badly right now.”

She continues her petting, but I can see something flicker in her eyes. “What is it?

She laughs. “I never get anything past you. I’m just wondering if you’re happy. We had talked about one, and this one comes as a little bit of a surprise…”

“A surprise? It’s no surprise to me. I’ve been trying to breed you for a while now. That one night a few months back you wished you had a little boy – well, we haven’t used anything since…”

“So you’re happy?”

I lean down and kiss her. “Yeah, I’m happy. I’m horny, but I’m happy. Two weeks is a long time when I have the hottest wife in Tennessee.”

She rolls her eyes and smacks me on the chest. “Fine, come on. But you’re going to have to make it quick.”

I grab on to her hand and follow behind her. We pass the kitchen where Jax and May are standing at the window watching Kerrie and her one friend that showed up early for the party in the backyard. Well, May’s watching them. Jax seems like he has other things on his mind. “Jax, quit looking at my sister like that. Watch the kids. We’ll be back.”

May’s face turns red, and I give her the signal that I’ve got eyes on her. Jax doesn’t even look as if I’ve fazed him. I’m going to have to do something about that.

But all of that is forgotten when we get to our bedroom and Kinsley starts tugging at my shirt. Her face is red, telling me she’s embarrassed. “Do you think they know what we’re doing in here?”

I pull her shirt up and cup her breasts. “They’ll know when you start screaming my name here in a minute.”

“Oh, you got plans, huh?” she asks, with a smirk. She knows what she does to me. She knows how to tempt me and how much I want her.

“You know it. It may be a quickie, but I’ll give you at least one orgasm. Then tonight, we’ll really celebrate.”

“You’re on,” she says as she drops to her knees in front of me.

“Oh, fuck,” I groan as she pulls out my manhood and her pretty pink lips wrap around the head of my cock. I don’t know what I did to deserve Kinsley, but right now, I’m happy I signed on to be a hitman that day. It brought Kinsley back to me… where she belongs.