Seduced Bonus Epilogue

Josh and Violet from Whiskey Run #4


Five Years Later

“Great job, guys, run it again!” my husband tells his team.

I can’t take my eyes off him as he runs up and down the field. He’s coaching our son’s football team. He retired a few years ago, and since then he’s had his hand in coaching football in the Wee Division in Whiskey Run.  There were so many opportunities for him. He was offered prestigious coaching jobs with universities and even in the professional league. He was offered the Whiskey Run high school coaching position too, but he turned them all down.  Because he wanted to be the one to coach our son.

From the minute he committed to me and our family, he’s never wavered. He’s never gotten off track. Everything he does is for us.  I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’ll never take it for granted.

“Water break!” he calls to his team, and instead of going over to the assistant coaches like he normally does, he walks over to me. He’s smiling the whole way, but I can sense an intensity that is coming off him the closer he gets.

I know the other moms are staring at him. It used to bother me, but it doesn’t anymore. And I can’t really blame them. He’s definitely the hottest dad in town. But Josh only has eyes for me. He makes sure I know it too.

He leans down and kisses the little girl in my arms.  We thought we were only going to have one child, Josh Jr, but as soon as Josh started preschool, we started trying for another one.  Now we have Vicky, and she’s six weeks old today.

Josh leans toward me. He’s sweaty, and his wet shirt is clinging to the muscles of his chest. I take a deep breath because if I don’t calm myself, I’m going to jump my husband right here in front of all the moms.  “How did your appointment go?”

Of all the things I thought he would say, that wasn’t one of them. I haven’t had any complications since giving birth. Everything was pretty normal.  “Good. Everything was perfect.”

“So?” he asks with a wiggle of his eyebrows, and instantly my heart starts to race.

“Oh,” I say, finally catching on.  I’ve been ready for this day, patiently waiting. It’s been hard to lie in his arms night after night and not feel the intimacy that I’m used to with him. This is the longest I’ve gone without sex since Josh and I got together. And every night I fall asleep in his arms, but he’s never acted like he was missing anything. It’s like he took the doctor’s orders that we had to wait the six weeks and never questioned it. I would never even have known he missed it or missed being with me. Could I have been wrong?

He nods. “Yeah, uh, so are we good?”

“You mean…” I trail off and look around. The moms are all looking at us, and I sure don’t want them to overhear our conversation.

But Josh isn’t as worried. “I mean are you able to make love?” His jaw is tight, and he’s looking at me carefully.

“Yes.” I stutter and clear my throat. “He said I’m good to go.”

He nods and takes the baby from my arms gently.  He turns to my brother Tate out on the field and gives him a thumbs-up.  My brother’s face turns five shades of red, and he waves us off.

“Let’s go,” Josh says, with his arm around my shoulders.

“Where are we going? And what about Josh Junior?” I ask my husband in frustration.

He’s hustling me toward the car, but he’s walking stiffly, not wanting to jostle Vicky. “We’re going home. Your brother is going to bring Josh Junior home later.”

I stop. “Oh my God. Did you plan this? Did you tell my brother what you have planned?”

He rolls his eyes as he opens the back door of the truck and gently puts Vicky in the car seat.  He fastens her like a pro before walking me around to the passenger side and lifting me up into my seat.  “What about my car?” I ask him. I came straight here from the doctor’s appointment and there’s no sense in leaving my car here.

“We’ll get it tomorrow or next week, I don’t care.” I sit there dumbly as he brings the seatbelt around me and fastens it. “And it’s not as if your brother doesn’t know we have sex. We have two kids.”

I slap my hand to my forehead. “Josh, you didn’t.”

“What?” he asks me innocently. “I’ve given him thousands of dollars in Eagles tickets. He can watch his nephew for a few hours.”

My eyes about bug out of my head. “Hours?”

He leans into the truck and puts his hands on the roof. “Honey, I’ve kept my hands to myself for six weeks. Every night I lie next to you, with your hot little body pressed to mine, and I wake up every morning with the biggest hard-on. I’m way past playing nice. Your doctor says you’re good.” He tips my chin up so I’m looking into his eyes. “I need you, baby.”

I’m staring back at him, almost speechless.  When I’m finally able to speak, I tell him, “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go.”

“Fuck yeah,” he says huskily.  He reaches in and plants his lips to mine with a smoldering kiss.  It’s quick, and he pulls away and slams the door before running around to the driver’s side.

He breaks every speed limit, and finally we make it to the edge of town. We did buy that house on the lake, making it our family home, and he spits gravel everywhere as he takes the turns a lot faster than normal. He pulls into his parking spot and bolts around to my side to help me down. “I’m going to carry Vicky in and get her situated. I’ll meet you in the bedroom. Be naked and ready. It’s going to be quick, but I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

I nod, laughing at his antics.  I’m in the bedroom in less than five minutes, undressed and under the covers, when he’s walking toward me already half naked. He’s hard, and his hand is wrapped around his girth as he struts toward me.

He pulls back the covers and lies down next to me. He stares at my body in awe. It’s changed a lot in the last few years, but Josh doesn’t care. “Fuck, baby, I need to be inside you.”

I pull him over top of me, and his cock is hot and hard between my thighs. “Yes, I need it too.”

He groans and surges forward. He was right. It was quick, but he makes sure to make it up to me. Tonight and for the rest of our lives.