Blake Brothers

Series: blake brothers | boxset

Tropes: family saga, sports, small town

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From USA Today bestselling author Hope Ford comes another brother bundle. The Blake Brothers are three brothers that know what they want and will do anything to get it! Each story is steamy, sweet and short. Be ready! I’m sure you’re going to find your next book boyfriend in either Jason, Jack or Jared.

If I Say Yes
An Alpha Tattooed Man and Curvy Woman Romance

He made me fall in love with him. I couldn’t stop it.
He’s a professional baseball player, with women falling all over him… but he chose me, the plus size woman in the stands.
But the day of the wedding, his true colors come out and with my heart broke in two, I escape and leave him standing at the altar.
I knew the first time I saw her that she would be the woman I’d marry.
In a whirlwind, we set the date.
But with a case of misunderstandings and mistaken identity, she leaves for our honeymoon… single.
I do what any man in love would do… I follow her – and make her mine.

Love Like Ours
An Alpha Older Man and Curvy Younger Woman Romance

I met him for the first time and it felt like I’ve known him forever.
When we’re thrown together on vacation because of a misunderstanding, well, it just gives me more time to fall in love.
Guarding my heart should be my number one priority… because he’s leaving in a week.
I never dreamed that I would want to settle down.
But from the first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was special.
It may take some convincing, and a change in my ways,
But I’m going to make her mine.

Never Been Kissed
Four years ago, he was the nerd in high school. I was the captain of the cheerleading squad.
I liked him then, but nothing ever came of it.
When I see him again, all those old feelings come up and I know that I won’t let him go again.
I’ve followed her for four years… from afar.
I’ve taken care of her, even though she doesn’t know it.
When I need her help, I try to prove to her exactly how I feel about her.
But when she finds out how hard I worked to make this happen, will she forgive me?