Cabin Kisses

Series: standalone

Tropes: holiday

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Rich, ex playboy ready to settle down. Curvy broken-hearted woman that’s hesitant on love. And they’re snowed in together.

I’m not frigid. I figure if I keep telling myself that, I’ll start to believe it. It’s hard to do though when my ex-fiancé cheated on me and he says the reason he did is because I can’t be satisfied.

Just because I’ve never had the big “O” doesn’t mean that I’m frigid…. right?

Now there’s no fiancé, no wedding and the honeymoon is nonrefundable.
Needing a break from what’s become of my life, I take the trip solo.
After a morning on skis, I know I want to spend the rest of the trip curled up with a good book, inside where it’s warm.
Then I meet Levi.
He’s the hot ski instructor that wants to spend more time with me.
I should tell him no, but how can I when he saves me from an embarrassing run in with my ex.

Now I’m snowed in with him and he has something to prove…
He’s going to give me the big “O”, and he may just give me my forever too.

This was initially published as Levi and Georgina in the Snowed Inn for Christmas in Anthology. The story has been changed, added to and includes an epilogue.