Series: Whiskey RUN SERIES | Book 5 of 5

Tropes: Opposites Attract, Curvy Woman, Small Town

Whiskey Run is a small town in Tennessee where you find curvy women who are ready to bring the alpha men in their lives to their knees. Get ready for some instalove in this series of short, steamy, and completely loveable novellas from Hope Ford.

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She’s a beautiful model.

And she’s from the city.

Two big reasons of why I shouldn’t want her.


I enjoy my life in Whiskey Run.

I’m a small-town, blue collar mechanic.

And I know where I stand.

Half the women in this town can’t get past the grease under my nails.

So I know better than to get mixed up with her.


I think I can forget about her.

Then I get to know her.

Then I start to like her.

Then I don’t want to let her go.


She’s here for a job to promote Blaze Whiskey.

She’s turned this town upside down

and she’s too tempting to pass up.

One night. I give her one night.

Surely that will be enough.

I’ll get her out of my system and we can both move on with our lives.


But what if I don’t want to let her go?

What if I want to claim her instead?

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