Series: Whiskey RUN heroes | Book 5 of 5

Tropes: Military, Protective Man, forbidden love, age gap

If you enjoy heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy protective former military heroes who will do anything for the women they love, you’ll devour the ALPHA Mercenary series, Whiskey Run: Heroes from Hope Ford.

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We’ve kept our relationship hidden.
For years she’s been mine and nobody knows it.
It’s time I stake my claim.

She’s younger than me.
I work with her brother.
I travel all the time.
There’s a thousand reasons why we shouldn’t be together
But none of that matters now.
She has a stalker and I will do any and everything to keep her safe.
No one is going to hurt what’s mine… and by the time I’m done there’ll be no question whose she is.

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