Get Inked Bad Boys

Series: get inked bad boys | BOxset

Tropes: Age Gap, Protective Man, Curvy Woman

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Now Available from Amazon Bestselling Author, Hope Ford GET INKED BAD BOYS – The Complete Romance Series – Follow Along As Three Tattooed Alpha Men Find Love in the short stories.

MADE FOR ME – A short story romance with an alpha older male, a younger bbw, and HEA.

I’m a tattoo artist. I look at bodies every day. But there is something about Lexi that just does it for me. She’s perfect for me. Plump, primed and innocent.
Lexi just cancelled her wedding when she found out her fiancé is cheating on her and he thinks she is too big.

Obviously, this is my lucky day. I found heaven in the arms of Lexi and I don’t plan on letting her go. As a matter of fact, I’m making it my own personal mission to make her bigger (with my baby in her belly).
When her ex fiancé shows up wanting her back; I protect what’s mine. Because let’s face it; she was made for me.

EYES ON ME – An Older Man, Younger BBW Steamy Sweet Romance

I’m thirty-five and can’t stop fantasizing about my twenty-three-year-old roommate. She came to live with me when she was eighteen. She had just started working with me at “Get Inked” Tattoo Shop.

I fight the urge on a daily basis. The urge to kiss her, to touch her, to taste her. It’s getting harder and harder, literally, to be in the same room as her.

When one night we give in to our lust for each other, I know it can only be one night. She deserves better than me. Until I’m faced with losing her, and I decide to become the man she needs… and wants.

 ALL OF ME – A short story romance with an alpha older male, a younger bbw, and HEA. 

I’m a tattoo artist. I have been ready to settle down for a while now. I want a woman, and a baby. I want a family. However, it’s hard finding a good woman that wants to settle down. Almost every woman I meet at the shop is still sowing her wild oats, so to speak. I used to be able to hang right with them, but now, they are all the same. Like tonight, I could have had my choice of three different women to take home with me, or to the backroom, but I wasn’t interested. I haven’t been in a long time.

Then I meet Jamie. She’s beautiful thick thighed down on her luck waitress living in a shelter. It’s instalove for me and I will do anything to have her, protect her, and love her… I will do anything to give her all of me.
A short story romance with an alpha older male, a younger bbw, and HEA.