His First Cherry Pie

Series: a double virgin valentine| Book 3 of 4

Tropes: Age Gap, Curvy Woman, Small Town

Two V-Cards for the price of one this Valentine’s Day with hot new standalone stories by four of the best short and steamy romance authors!

The couples may be inexperienced, but they’re enthusiastic and ready to learn! Come join in the fun and get your hearts racing this Valentine’s Day!

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My father blew up my life.

Shattered it. Destroyed it. Kicked it in the balls.

He caused a worldwide scandal for my family and now there’s nowhere safe for me to go.

So, I flee New York City and hide in Bridgeworth Pines.

It’s a small town in the middle of Connecticut.

I’m living with my crazy aunt while struggling with my new job at the local bakery.

It’s going great, thanks.

But it gets much better when my boss’s son Malcolm walks in.

He’s turning everything around.

Including me.

Twisting and bending me over the counter in more positions than I can count.

The ovens aren’t the only thing heating up the bakery this Valentine’s Day.

Once Malcolm has a taste of my cherry pie, he’s going to be one obsessed alpha.

And I’ll finally be able to live in the moment for a change…

…loving every second of it.