Knox Dude Ranch

Series: the complete collection

Tropes: Cowboy, Age Gap, protective man, curvy woman

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Now Available in one series – Be My Cowboy, In Love with a Cowboy – Last Chance Cowboy – all three short stories from bestselling author, Hope Ford.

BE MY COWBOY – An Alpha Cowboy and Curvy City Girl

My ex left me because she didn’t want to live on a ranch in the country. So yes, I’m a little bitter toward city women. But when Arabella shows up at our dude ranch, she’s fun, flirty and tempting. Oh so tempting!

I came here to the ranch because I want a cowboy. I know maybe I have built this up in my mind, but I want someone that is not afraid of hard work, who values family, and is a real man. I’m here for a week, and besides relaxing, I plan to make that cowboy mine.

IN LOVE WITH A COWBOY – A Curvy Girl and Her Dad’s Best Friend

Our chef had to leave, and we were left in a bind. My best friend of twenty years offered for his daughter, that just graduated from culinary school, to come and help us out. She’s no longer the little pudgy girl with pigtails that ran around on my ranch. Now she is a grown, curvy, beautiful woman. I’m more than twenty years older than Holly, and I plan to stay away from her. I just have to convince my heart of the plan.

I haven’t seen Jacob in four years. And I have to wonder has he always been this–gosh, I don’t know, manly, sexy, hot? How did I miss that?
Now he is a walking advertisement for chiseled, sexy cowboys. I obviously need to get control of myself. No matter how bad I want him, I can’t have him. He’s my dad’s best friend, and even if I would be willing, I know Jacob would never go there.

LAST CHANCE COWBOY – An Alpha Cowboy and Curvy Woman Second Chance Romance

I left Mya because I didn’t think I had a choice. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It was what was best for her. Or so I thought.

He left me. No note… no goodbye… nothing. I thought I would be able to let him go, but I had to find him. I had to protect what’s mine… and his. And even if he didn’t want me, I knew he would help his daughter that he knows nothing about.

Each Steamy, Sweet, Short Story has an Alpha Man, Curvy Woman and a Happily Ever After.