New Law Shifters

Series: new law shifters |complete collections

Tropes: age gap, small town, PNR

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USA Today Bestselling Author Hope Ford brings you four shifter romance books in one collection.

RONAN: An Alpha Bear Shifter MC Romance

She’s searching for freedom and he’s the one to give it to her.


I never knew how much I needed my freedom until I moved to the Klamath Mountains. I was ready to get out on my own and let my bear run free.

But when I have a run-in with the Eater Motorcycle Club it could have went really bad if my cousin, who is part of the New Law MC, hadn’t shown up.

Now, I’m under New Law’s protection, and after pissing off the dangerous high-ranking member of the rival club – I’m going to need it.


She rides in on Sayer’s bike… and I don’t like it.

She needs the club’s protection and my instant attraction to her won’t let me say no.

When the Eater’s come for her, and I know they will… I’ll be ready.

Because this Bear is mine.

BRUIN: An Alpha Bear Shifter MC Romance

My only plans were to escape…until I fell in love.


I escaped the Eater’s MC. My father died and I have nothing left except my stepbrother who is out to get me.

I have to pass through the New Law’s territory and I think I have it made… until I don’t.

When I’m discovered, I’m put under the supervision of Bruin, the Sgt. Of Arms of the New Law MC.

With plans to seduce him so I can run free, I don’t expect for my bear to fall in love.


She’s the enemy… or so we think.

I didn’t think it was possible to care for, much less fall in love with a woman from their side.

When it’s time to make the trade, Penny for money, will I be able to do it?

KLAUS: An Alpha Bear Shifter MC Romance

I went against my club and saved the wolf shifter once… and now she’s back.


I’m the daughter of the Last Omen’s President. It was because of me that my father had to give up his territory and move.

I’ve spent the last five years hated by everyone in my family and the club and I can no longer live like this.

I want to kill the man that took me and destroyed my family. If nothing else, I want my mother’s necklace back that he wears as a trophy around his neck.

I still remember the man that saved me so long ago and I hope he’ll help me now.


She’s a wolf shifter and I went against my club to save her.

I lost the respect of my club and my father, the president of the New Law’s.

When she comes back she’s all grown up and seeking my help. I tell her no. The whole club tells her no… we won’t put our neck out for a wolf shifter.

But when the Eater’s, our rival club, sense that she’s here and comes for her, I have no choice but to make a stand. Hopefully, it’s the right one.

RAY: An Alpha Bear Shifter MC Romance

I save the human… and she saves me right back.

She wanted to hike.
I wanted to secure the New Law land.
But we both got more than we bargained for.
When she finds out what I am, there’s only one way to save her.
I’m going to make her a shifter and then claim her as mine.