Protective Biker

Series: Whiskey RUN: GUARDIANS MC| Book 1 of 3

Tropes: MC, Small Town

The Whiskey Run: Guardians MC is an “mc Lite” series of standalone books. Easy story has a swoon-worthy alpha biker that will stop at nothing to protect and claim the woman he loves.

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I thought she was the one…
Until she left without a trace.

Brandy wasn’t like the other club girls.
I knew it the first time she walked into the clubhouse.
There was something about her that forced me to let my guard down.
And It took a while to earn her trust… but I knew she’d be worth it.

I was planning the future
And she was living in the past.
Everyone in her life has let her down,
And she thought I was next.

So she ran.

She left me, in the middle of the night no less.
I gave her time, thinking she’d come back to me.
When I’d given up all hope and was about to go find her
She came back to me.
She needs my protection and I’ll give it to her.
But I’m going to need her heart in exchange.

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