Rebound Love

Series: Whiskey RUN: sugar| Book 2 of 4

Tropes: Curvy Woman, Small Town, Cowboy

If you enjoy instalove, steamy stories where the beautiful, curvy woman knows her worth and gets the hot alpha man, then you’ll love the Whiskey Run: Sugar series. Each book in the series is a standalone.

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I’m falling for the rebound guy.

Having my heart broken sucked. I mean really sucked.

My friends are worried about me and convinced me that I need to pick myself up—and the best way to do that is with a rebound guy.

They think I need to forget about the man that broke my heart and made me feel worthless.

But it’s still too fresh, and I’m not ready.

At least not until the cowboy shows up for a taste of my cherry pie and overhears the girls trying to convince me that I need to have some fun.

So him being the charming, true cowboy that he is, he volunteers his services.

I figure why not? He’s the exact opposite of my ex, so I take him up on his offer.

But when he’s way too good to me and treats me just right, I start to fall for him. I mean, how could I not?

What is it with me and impossible relationships? We agreed that he was going to be the rebound guy… but I never planned on falling for him.

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