Rescuing Karina

Series: Whiskey RUN heroes | Book 4 of 5

Tropes: Military, Protective Man, best friends sister

If you enjoy heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy protective former military heroes who will do anything for the women they love, you’ll devour the ALPHA Mercenary series, Whiskey Run: Heroes from Hope Ford.

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An old threat sparks a new love…


I thought my nightmare was over. The threat was eliminated. Yet even after five years, I still look over my shoulder and feel like I can’t trust anyone. So when a familiar face from my dark past appears, I know danger has found me again.

Fleeing is the only option, the only way I can protect myself and those I love. But I underestimate how much they love me in return and what they’ll go through for me.


I would do anything for a friend, so when my old special forces buddy Hollywood calls and asks me to protect his sister-in-law, I rush to the rescue. Only the beautiful and frightened woman doesn’t seem too open to accepting my assistance.

Karina doesn’t want my help, but when terror hunts her again, she seeks solace in my arms. I may be the only one who can stop the ultimate threat… and while I fight for the life of the woman I’ve been tasked with defending, I know my own heart and future hang in the balance.

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