Savage Cowboy

Series: whiskey valley:  bryant brothers | BOOK 4 OF 4

Tropes: Cowboy, Age Gap, protective man, curvy woman, forbidden love, secret baby

Savage Cowboy is the fourth book in the Whiskey Valley: Bryant Brothers series. If you love reading alpha cowboy, forbidden love, secret baby, small town romances, then you’ll love Chance and Amanda’s story. Each book in the series is a standalone.

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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Hope Ford brings you a steamy cowboy romance about forbidden love and the lengths a cowboy will go to for the woman he loves.


I might be young and naïve, but I’m not stupid enough to fall in love with my family’s enemy.

You know that old story about the Hatfields and McCoys? Well, in our case, we’re the McCoys and they’re the Bryants. Fence line disputes, cattle crossing to the wrong land, you name it, they’ve been fighting about it. I’m not sure Chance Bryant realizes I’m a McCoy the first time he asks me out. That time I’m able to say no. But eventually I can’t ignore his charm, and I definitely can’t ignore those lines that fan out from his soulful brown eyes. We have to keep this a secret, though, because if my brothers find out, they’ll kill him.


I’m too old to play stupid rivalry games. I want Amanda, and she will be mine, no matter what.

The first time I catch sight of the curvy new owner of the local bookstore, I’m a goner. I don’t care that I’m nearly a decade older than her or that she’s an innocent. I especially don’t care that our families have been fighting over trivial things for the better part of forty years. What I do care about is how it feels when I make her smile. And how those lush curves feel pressed against my body. I’ll do whatever I have to to claim this woman and make her mine, body and soul.