Second Chance Love

Series: Whiskey RUN: sugar| Book 3 of 4

Tropes: Curvy Woman, Second Chance, Small Town, Military

If you enjoy instalove, steamy stories where the beautiful, curvy woman knows her worth and gets the hot alpha man, then you’ll love the Whiskey Run: Sugar series. Each book in the series is a standalone.

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I was his wife… and then I left him.
He broke my heart, and if given the chance, he’d probably do it again.
Which is why I’ve tried to get over him.

I’ve dated, I’ve tried to let loose, but no matter how hard I try, my thoughts always return to Nash.
Every guy I meet I compare to him.
He was always overprotective and possessive.
And I’ve tried to convince myself those are bad things, but why did it make me feel so good… and wanted?
I’ve made a point to guard my heart against him, but he’s making it harder and harder to stay firm.
He turns up everywhere I am and watches me like he wishes he’d never let me go.
He is not a man to ignore… especially when he asks for a second chance and promises to give me the one thing I’ve always wanted.

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