Series: exiled guardians mc series | book1 of 8

Tropes: MC ROmance

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An Alpha Older Man, Younger Curvy Woman MC Lite Romance

I once served with her older brother and when she ran into some trouble,
she came looking for me.
She shows up at the gate to the club begging for my help.
Of course, I’m going to help her – I would never turn away a woman in trouble.
But with her, its more.
I’m going to claim her. Make her mine… and never let her go.

I’ve made some mistakes… some that could cost me my life.
So I find Sniper… the one man that my brother trusted more than anyone.
He agrees to help me.
But at what cost?
He’s my savior… my warrior.
But this bad boy is not giving me my freedom… he has other plans.

WARNING: This book does talk about previous physical abuse from husband. Also, heroine starts relationship while still technically married to her abuser.