Stranded with the Grumpy Cowboy

Series: marooned for a night| Book 2 of 6

Tropes: Cowboy, Age gap, small town, Curvy Woman, forbidden love

What better way to get through a snowstorm than with wine, a roaring fire, and some big muscular arms wrapped around you?
You’ll be doing a snow dance and begging for a blizzard of your own after reading about being Marooned for a Night with these hot possessive men.

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A snowstorm. One bed.
And one night to make the grumpy cowboy mine.

He’s my older brother’s best friend.
He doesn’t have any interest in me.
As a matter of fact, he grunts and then goes the other direction any time I’m around.

He’s too old for me.
He’s set in his ways.
And he thinks he can boss me around.
But he’s the one man I compare all others to and they don’t even come close.

I’m about to give up.

But one night he rescues me and he lets his stony mask slide.
He wants me… even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

So I take matters into my own hands.