Series: Whiskey RUN heroes | Book 3 of 5

Tropes: Military, Protective Man, Office Romance

If you enjoy heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy protective former military heroes who will do anything for the women they love, you’ll devour the ALPHA Mercenary series, Whiskey Run: Heroes from Hope Ford.
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She’s on my team.

And I shouldn’t be having these feelings.

But there’s no way I can resist her.

My ex-wife cheated on me and I swore off women ever since.
Then Samantha came to work on my team.
She’s a distraction that I can’t let go.
And instead of avoiding her, I ask to go on a mission with her.
She’s my fake wife and it makes me realize how goaod it could be between us.
Now nothing will stop me from protecting her and what we have together.

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