V Card Sweetheart

Series: Sweetheart, colorado | book 3 of 10

Tropes: Holiday

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I’ll give her everything she wants.


He’s a truck driver that’s just passing through town.

He’s quiet. Guarded. And he never takes his eyes off me.

I thought I’d see him one time, but he keeps showing up.

If I was any other girl, I’d probably get my hopes up.

But not me. I’m plain Jane.

Destined to be alone with my vCard intact.


From the moment I saw her, I wanted her as mine.

Slowly, I’ve moved my business to Sweetheart, Colorado just to be near her.

She’s too young. And just as sweet as the apple pie she bakes.

She makes me smile and wish for things I never knew I wanted.

I thought I could be happy just seeing her at the diner.

But then she goes out on a date with another man.

I can’t just stand by. And I won’t stop until Jane is mine.