Alpha Male, Virgin Female Steamy Sweet Romance

I’m a simple woman. I have dated a few men; nothing too exciting. I am a twenty-four-year-old virgin. No, I’m not saving it for marriage. But I am saving it for someone that will make it good.

I am a tattooed, biker that has been around the block. I love women and never settle for just one. Until I find the brown-eyed virgin that is mine for the taking.

Van and Cassie fall in lust at first sight from across the room. One thinks it is a one-night stand, one isn’t so sure. Join Van and Cassie on their story of a first-time romance that becomes more.

A short story romance with an alpha tattooed biker, a virgin, and HEA.

This is a standalone novella. 
Hope Ford writes short, steamy, sweet romances. There is almost always an alpha male (because who doesn’t love an alpha male) and a woman he makes his queen. Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and get lost in this happily ever after story – that’s also a little naughty.