Heartlands MC

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My club is on edge and tensions are high, but all I can think about is her. She’s a temptation that’s almost too much to resist. I’m way too old and she’s way too good. But when I find out she’s pregnant and no one in the MC stands up and stakes a claim on her or the baby, I do the only thing I can… I make them both mine.

One night with Gage and he doesn’t even remember it. Now I’m pregnant and getting everything I’ve ever wanted … someone that will love me unconditionally.
When I tell Gage, I know he’s going to do what’s “right.”
But I don’t want right, I want love.

The alpha males of Heartlands Motorcycle Club are the most possessive, devoted, and territorial men in the country when it comes to the ones they love.

Heartlands is a rough and rugged new series of standalone stories. Written by four of the most trusted names in short and steamy romance, each book will get your motors revved and your hearts racing. Guaranteed.

XO, Frankie, Dani, Olivia, and Hope

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Cover Image: James Critchley Photography
Cover Model: Jake Roberts
Cover Design: Cormar Covers