His First Cherry Pie

A second chance for our first time…

Once upon a time I would have given Willa Baker anything. She didn’t want me then when I was big and chubby. None of the girls wanted me.

Now I’m even bigger, but solid and strong. The number one Left-tackle draft pick. And everyone wants a piece of me, especially women. But I don’t trust their motives.

Willa needs a story on me for her job. I need her beneath me to fulfill my filthy virgin fantasy. We make a deal, but it wasn’t supposed to involve our hearts. Now I know she belongs to me. In my bed and in my life. Always. And I’ll do whatever it takes to prove to her that she’s MINE.

JD Ryan is a beast on the football field and he’s ready to be a beast in the sheets. He just needs the right woman to take his V-card. He’s had years of fantasies and he’s ready to act them out all night long.
His First Cherry Pie is a Double virgin insta-love with a guaranteed HEA. No cheating, only sticky-sweet goodness.

Two V-Cards for the price of one this Valentine’s Day with hot new standalone stories by four of the best short and steamy romance authors!

The couples may be inexperienced, but they’re enthusiastic and ready to learn! Come join in the fun and get your hearts racing this Valentine’s Day!