This is a Bundle of 3 short romances by Hope Ford. All three are in the TOP 10 BESTSELLER LIST for One Hour Short Romance!

Each are standalone, short reads with an Alpha Man, and Younger BBW.

Come Back To Me


Three years ago, Hanna started working for me. I kept my distance from her because she is way too young for me. She is alone in this world and all I wanted to do was try and look out for her.
I try to get her out of my head by having a “One Night” rule with other women. It doesn’t work, I still want Hanna, but I know she deserves someone her own age.
Then she shows up one day talking about her date she is going on that night. The thought unleashes the beast inside me and I know I have to step in and make her mine.
I know I am too old for her, but I am going to make her mine. Even when an old “one-night” flame tries to break us up. She’s STILL mine. And I’m not giving her up.

A short story romance with an alpha older male, a younger bbw, and HEA.

This is a standalone novella.


I met Tara at her college campus. I’m a bricklayer by trade, but now I own my own company. She tells me she wants one night. I’ll give her that.
But once I get between her sweet thighs. She’s mine. I just have to convince her.

I move too fast. My roommate tells me I need to date a little instead of moving from one relationship to another. Maybe she’s right….
But then I meet Stone. And he wants more than one night… he wants forever.

A short story romance with an alpha older male, a younger bbw, and HEA.


An Older Man, Younger BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance

I’m a biker. I’m also known as a player. That is, until three months ago when I hired Maggie, my plus size office manager that turned my world upside down. I want her, and usually what I want is what I get.
She’s alone in this world, and I make it my goal to keep her and protect her. I take her to a bike rally with me… I take her innocence and I take her heart. But somehow, I have to convince her she’s all I want.

I fell for Max… and I fell hard. I have to make sure he knows, he can’t hurt me. He can take me any way he wants me.

A short story romance with an alpha older male, a younger bbw, and HEA.

Hope Ford writes short, steamy, sweet romances. There is almost always an alpha male (because who doesn’t love an alpha male) and a woman he makes his queen.