Player Loves Curves Series

Hey Readers,
I’m bringing you the boys of summer! I know I’m not the only one that loves a hot, hunk of a baseball player. Especially ones that love their curvy, plus size women. Sit back and enjoy. It’s going to be a scorching hot, instalove kind of summer.

Making Her Mine

She gave me her v card, I gave her my heart.

I’m a professional pitcher.

I can have any woman I want. But who I want is Trinity.
She thinks I’m a player, but I’m going to prove her otherwise.
I have her v card, but now I want it all.
I’m going to make her mine.




Finding Home

I’m older, but I have no choice but to claim her.

She’s the team photographer but she’s so curvy and pretty she could be on the other side of the lens.
I take her out and I’m ready to claim her as mine.
But I’m older… definitely too old for games.
If I’m not what she wants, then I need to let her go.
The only thing is she’ll be taking my heart with her.


Waiting on the One

She’s the one I’ve been waiting for.

Her boyfriend, my teammate cheated on her.
So she asked me out in front of him.
One date, turned into twelve.
Could she be the one I’ve been saving myself for?


Wanna Be Your Man

He’s the wrong man at the right time

She was waiting on a blind date.
When he doesn’t show up, I take his place.
She doesn’t know I’m a famous baseball player, and I like it that way.
When she finds out the truth, is she going to let me prove to her that I was the right man this whole time?


You're the One For Me

You’re Mine, Pretty Girl
At first, I wanted to protect her.
Then I wanted to make her mine.
She likes me, but she doesn’t like everything that comes with dating a baseball player.
When she makes a choice, is it the right one? Or am I going to have to prove she’s the one for me?

Bad Boy of Baseball

He’s going to get his.

I drink, disrupt the team, and disrespect everyone in my path.
I’m trying to leave my past behind, but it’s there, following me everywhere I go.
When I’ve finally hit rock bottom, I’m about to give up, throw in the towel and be done.
Until the one woman that destroyed me walks back into my life.