1109 Cowboy Way – eBook

Series: Cherry Falls | Book 4 of 4

Book Type: Original Cover eBook

Tropes: Cowboy, Small Town, Protective Man, Curvy Woman

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry Falls, it’s like you’ve finally come home.

The cherry on top? Each book delivers a swoon-worthy, sexy romance!
So welcome to Cherry Falls, we hope you stay awhile!


He doesn't see her scars, he only sees her.

Divorcee Grayson is a cowboy through and through. When one job ends, he moves on to the next. Except this time he can’t.

There is something about the new Hickory Homestead owner that calls to him. All alone in that big place, there is no way one person can run a ranch all on their own.

Hadley tries to hide her scars from everyone, the ones on the surface and below. But the more he watches her, the more Grayson wants to protect her and be the one who spares a lending hand.

He should have left Cherry Falls and be halfway to Texas but he can’t leave. He can’t get over these possessive feelings he has for Hadley. He wants to protect her and take her pain away. He wants to love her.

He didn't think he would ever be the forever type again, but it turns out this cowboy just hadn’t met the right woman. She might think he’s after her ranch but Grayson is going to prove there’s only one thing keeping him in Cherry Falls-- and that’s her.