Dirty Talker – eBook

Series: Part of the Filthy Dirty Summer Series

Book Type: Original Cover eBook

Tropes: Sports, Small Town, Curvy Woman, Age Gap, Single Mom

Welcome to a filthy dirty summer! Drop it like it’s hot with your 17 favorite instalove authors! Each stand-alone story delivers a scorching, fantasy-fueled romance! No need to pack a swimsuit—your kindle is all you need for a wet and wild summer!


He’s a dirty talker.
He likes to tell me what he wants to do to me,
and I have to admit I like it.

But I shouldn’t.
He’s an ex ball player - player being the operative word.
And he’s my son’s coach.

Totally off limits.

But he’s persistent and he breaks through my resistance.
I offer him a secret relationship,
but he won’t settle for anything less than my all.

Megan is a single mom with a cheating ex. She doesn’t believe in fairytale endings and happily ever afters. But Kade “the Ladies Man” Lincoln makes a play for her… and he’s playing for keeps.