Savage Cowboy – eBook

Series: Whiskey Valley: Bryant Brothers  | Book 4 of 4

Book Type: Original Cover eBook

Tropes: Cowboy, Age Gap, Protective Man, Curvy Woman, Forbidden Love, Secret Baby

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Hope Ford brings you a steamy cowboy romance about forbidden love and the lengths a cowboy will go to for the woman he loves.

Savage Cowboy is the fourth book in the Whiskey Valley: Bryant Brothers series. If you love reading alpha cowboy, forbidden love, secret baby, small town romances, then you’ll love Chance and Amanda’s story. Each book in the series is a standalone.



I’m a romance novelist who no longer believes in love.

My agent keeps calling it writer’s block, but I think what I have is more permanent. If I no longer believe in love, how can I continue to write books about it? Still, I take her suggestion to figure something out and find myself in Whiskey Valley at a ranch to get some firsthand knowledge of what cowboys really do. I am not prepared for the level of male hotness that greets me. Griffin is rough and tough and growly, but I catch glimpses of his tender underbelly that has even my iced-over heart melting a little.


I’m a wounded warrior trying to learn to live again.

I don’t particularly want to show the city girl writer around our ranch. But at least I get to follow behind her and watch her curves swing as she walks. She could definitely bring all the bulls to her yard. I expect her to ask her questions and leave. I don’t expect to want to open up to her and share some of the wounds I came home with. And I sure as hell don’t expect to want to keep her.