Tate Family Holidays – eBook Boxset

Series: Tate Family Holidays, The Complete Romance Series

Book Type: Original Cover eBook Boxset

Tropes: Holiday

Everything is bigger in Texas. The men, their bikes, their guns and even their hearts. On the biggest ranch in West Texas, you’ll find the Diamond Kings MC. A group of tough, growly bikers happy with their solitary existence. Until love walks in and challenges them to the ultimate test. It’s time for them to man up and accept their fate or they’ll lose their soulmates forever.


Tate Family Holidays, The Complete Romance Series

  • Jackson
  • Abby
  • Ford
  • and Cooper

All four short stories in Amazon Bestselling Author Hope Ford’s Tate Family Holidays.

Follow along as the Tate siblings find love.
Each Steamy, Sweet, Short Story has an alpha man, curvy woman and a happily every after.