Tempting the Hitman – eBook

Series: Part of the Men of Ruthless Corp Series

Book Type: Original Cover eBook

Tropes: Protective Man, Military, Curvy Woman

Meet 22 heroes who are downright dangerous. These alphas do nothing half-way. They may have blood on their hands, but they have love in their hearts. Some romances were written in the stars — but these hitmen must fight heaven and earth for the women they love.


He’s my best friend’s older brother.

He took my v-card and walked away.

Now he’s back.

I loved him long before I should have.

He showed me one night of passion and then broke my heart and left me.

I moved across the country to try and forget him. But now Colt is back.

I’m in danger and someone wants me dead.

He makes it his mission to protect me and

I discover the reason he left me all those years ago.

I love him. I never stopped loving him, and I think he feels the same.

But is the past going to repeat itself? Or is he going to stick around this time?