The Short Story Romance Handbook

How I Make Over $1,000 a Month writing short story romance (and it only took me 3 months)

Do you want to be a Bestselling Author? Do you want to make over $1,000 a month writing part-time?

I am a new author; my first book was published in January 2018. Since then I have had three best sellers in the short romance category and am now making over $1,000 a month. I went from making $10.64 for January (my first month) to making $1297.72 for March (my third month). I am projected, by looking at sales, to make $1800+ for April (my fourth month).

This book is a tell-all of exactly what I did and how I did it. This is a short book. I guarantee there is no fluff here. I get straight to the point and tell you exactly what I did.

I truly want to help you become a bestselling author and help you make money writing books.

Please, I encourage you to follow the steps outlined in this book. Happy Writing!

#1 bestselling short romance author Hope Ford writes short, steamy, sweet romances. There is always an alpha male (because who doesn’t love an alpha male) and a woman he makes his queen. Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and get lost in this happily ever after story – that’s also a little naughty.