Sweet Addiction

A Curvy Single Mom, Brother’s Best Friend Small Town Romance

Whiskey Men: Wounded Heroes Series – Book 1

Curvy Single Mom and the Wounded Hero. Together in a brother’s best friend romance.

She’s my best friend’s little sister.
A single mom who doesn’t have time to waste on an older, wounded, ex-mercenary.
She’s off limits.

And yet, I still move to her hometown.

I blame it on the job offer and the therapy I get at one of the top rehab centers for wounded heroes.
The truth though … I came to Whiskey Run because Abby Campbell, and her daughter are here.

You see, once upon a time I was a man lost.
Lost in pain. Lost in addiction.
Abby’s sweet face is how I climbed out of the black hole I’d been surviving in since my accident.

I’ve traded one addiction for another though and despite how much I love her, I know I might not be enough.
I might not be the man she needs… no matter how much I want to be.

The Whiskey Men: Wounded Heroes series is about a group of wounded ex-mercenaries. They each have their own battles they’re fighting but with the love of a woman, they no longer have to do it alone. Sweet Addiction a wounded hero, single mom, brother’s best friend, age gap, small town romance. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone.


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