Valentine V Card

Valentine V Card
An Alpha Man, Curvy Woman, Brother’s Best Friend, Friends to Lovers, V Card, HEA Romance

I used to call her Patty Cakes.
She was my best friend’s little sister.
And the chubby little girl that followed us everywhere we went.
Things changed, though.
We all grew up.
When she came back from college, she was no longer the little girl I remembered.
Now she’s the curvy woman of my dreams.
But no matter how much I want her, nothing can change the fact that she’s off limits.

I’ve been in love with Michael since I was in pigtails.
When I overhear what he says about me,
I do what I should have done a long time ago.
I make a plan to get rid of the one thing I was saving just for him – my V Card.

But when I finally give up on us, will fate step in and help me get everything I want?

Dear Reader,
Valentine V Card has everything you could want – an alpha man, a curvy woman, a brother’s best friend, friends to lovers, V card and HEA. You’ll cheer them on, you might cry a little, and you will fall in love in the end.
I hope you have a soul searching, love inducing, earth shattering Valentine’s!
XX, Hope

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I love the Big Brother Best Friend trope. This story didn’t disappoint.

After a lifetime of crushing on Michael, Patty hopes Michael will see her as more than her brother’s little sister. He does. Only she gets the wrong vibe and wants to sink in a hole before she lets Michael discover her crush is more like love. Michael is more than ready to change her mind.

A shout out to Alex, the best big brother and best friend a couple could wish for.
MBD – Amazon Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Omg. This story was a quick read but it was amazing like always with Hope Ford. You will not be disappointed. Patty comes back home after being away at college. She was basically raised by her older brother and always around him and his best friend Michael. Patty has loved him forever but Michael takes a while to catch up. The two do eventually admit their feelings. This is a very fun story to read with a strong younger woman and an alpha male that doesn’t like the word no.
Danielle Myers – Amazon Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Happy Valentine’s Day!! For me, Hope Ford is right up there with Jane Austen – one of my favorites. Her books are short and sweet, but they pack a punch to the gut that will leave you breathless for days. And if this is what she gives us for Valentine’s Day, can you imagine what St. Patrick’s Day will be like?
L. Cargile- Amazon Reviewer